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Executive Team Staff Bios

Brannen Mehaffey – Chief Executive Officer
As founder and CEO of Pivot Networks since 2001, Brannen Mehaffey embodies his company’s relentless focus on superlative customer service within the technology services sector. Under his ownership and management, Pivot Networks has grown into a preferred provider of managed IT services throughout Texas, servicing Phoenix, Tempe, Fort Worth, Scottsdale and Litchfield Park. Mehaffey’s early tenure at Cisco Systems as Director of Helpdesk Services (Phoenix) was instrumental in developing the drive and work ethic he brings to his employees and exudes to Pivot’s clients today. The holder of 29 industry certifications, including extensive Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Citrix, Novell, Sun, etc., and over 15 years technology experience, Mehaffey’s technical knowledge base is broad and extensive, making him an ideal leader for a staff of expert technicians and business-savvy consultants. As CEO, Mehaffey gives direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives. Job duties include identifying and executing company vision, creating and building culture, business vertical and market entry decisions, creating differentiators, senior team building, and capital allocation in order to steer Pivot Network accordingly for current and future business success. Mehaffey’s high level planning, directing, and coordinating and complete management of operational activities with assistance from the supporting corporate leaders have proven to be the cornerstones of Pivot Networks’ establishment as a leading IT solutions, project consulting, and professional services provider throughout the state of Texas.

Michael Green – Director of IT
As a major component in the scope of work provided for MBOD thus far, Michael Green has been a crucial member of the Pivot Networks staff for years. With over 18 years of experience as a technology professional and 26 industry certifications, Green is extremely qualified as Director of IT. A specialized Network and Systems Administrator, Green has utilized his skills and obtained optimal knowledge of networked management information systems in an environment that promotes personal and professional growth. He is well versed in all aspects and facets of technology and the Pivot organization, and its clients, value Green as a vital contribution to the workplace. Previously employed by Microsoft, Inc as Infrastructure Architect and serving as Enterprise Systems Group Server Technician at Dell Computer Corporation in the past, his tenure at high-level industry corporations provided a healthy backbone of experience earlier in his career. Certified across many platforms involving industry standard operating systems, network and system administration, computing and network hardware/software, Green brings high intelligence and knowledge to the Pivot team, the internal staff, and client project support.

James Michaels – Director of IT (Tempe)
Michaels is highly tenured in the world of IT. Having worked with the CEO of Pivot Networks at Cisco Systems and owning numerous businesses of his own, he is an integral part to the Pivot Networks team. With roughly 15 years as an IT consultant, he confidently handles every problem with the highest degree of expertise and will quickly develop a strategy to fix your IT and computer problems. As a Tempe resident of the last 14 years, he has taken the position as the Director of IT in the offices in Tempe/Fort-Worth. His extensive knowledge of Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Citrix, Novell, Sun, etc., proves he is the perfect candidate for the director of IT position in the Tempe area. As the director of IT in Tempe, Mr. Michaels will work closely with Brannen Mehaffey in order to grow Pivot Networks in the Tempe area. His experience makes him an ideal leader, mentor and team member. With the help of James Michaels in Tempe, Pivot Networks will push the envelope at providing excellent knowledge and service to our clients.

Bobby Miller –Business Development
With operations management experience, sales, marketing, and customer relations experience, Bobby Miller is responsible for development and execution of comprehensive product strategies and the technology service platforms based on them. Key activities performed include business strategy development, alliance and partner development, product portfolio management, new business development, and marketing strategy development. Miller manages and executes Pivot’s online search engine optimization and marketing, e-mail marketing campaigns and efforts, industry research, market and competitive analysis, customer needs assessments along with defining, implementing, testing, refining the strategic plans that surround them. Miller’s utmost loyalty to the Pivot organization and its clients propels his desire to identify, build, and manage long-term relationships with strategic company partners, vendors, and customers. In addition to business development duties, Miller assists and advises the Pivot executive team in crucial sales proposal and activities, operational decisions and processes, service procedures and development, and business opportunities and negations.

Phoenix: 602.492.3650
Litchfield Park: 602.492.3650
Tempe: 602.492.3650
Fort Worth: 602.492.3650
Scottsdale: 602.492.3650

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