How Employees Can Help Keep Company IT Assets Safe

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Every computer or device is a potential target for a hacker. Companies need to have network firewalls and other technology in place and up to date to protect their sensitive data. In a recent article in Entrepreneur, Dirk Anderson addresses a much softer target–each and every staff member who uses email and the internet.

A very significant risk occurs when people use their personal devices to access work information. This is becoming more and more common in today’s always-connected, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment. However, the convenience can quickly become a security threat. Many employees operate their home devices with weak passwords and out-of-date antivirus software. The convenience can quickly become a security threat.

There are several things employees can do to decrease this threat:

  1. Keep the browser updated.
  2. Disable unused plug-ins.
  3. Be careful about downloading. If the site is not a household name, do a little research to see if others have had problems with downloads from that site.
  4. Be careful on sites that are known to be questionable, such as those that distribute copyrighted information.
  5. Pay attention to alerts from your browser or anti-virus software.

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