Employee-Sourced Tools are Changing Corporate Collaboration

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In a mobile-based world, individuals are doing more to change the game of business collaboration and content sharing. When companies are still using outdated or problematic programs for web conferencing or presentations, employees are showing they have little hesitation in bringing their own mobile devices and tools to the table.

According to a study called “Collaboration 2.0: Death of the Web Conference (As We Know It),” employees are spending more time in meetings than ever before–91% say this–but not getting as much value out of that time. 73% say they bring their own phones, tablets, and laptops to meetings to use collaborative apps and tools that work for them, and 55% of these employees say they’re using their devices and apps instead of traditional monitors and projectors to share material with other meeting attendees.

This study helps to show that the modern workforce is seeking out even more connectedness. Self-sourced tools are supplanting company-wide software when individuals can find solutions more powerful and productive. The study claims that this has led to 66% of corporate buyers searching for new collaboration solutions. It looks like employees could be the true game changer for a better-connected workplace.


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