Best Smartphone Apps for 2014

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There are so many smartphone apps out there that it’s common to have trouble figuring out which ones are worthwhile. If you want some help weeding out the good from the bad, app reviewer James A Martin has some tips for you. In his recent review of fall 2014 apps, he takes a look 6 different applications.

First, the bad: He’s disappointed in Gmail’s much-hyped Inbox app for Android, iOS and Chrome, the investment app, Acorns Android and the Rotten WiFi network-ratings app for Android and iOS. While each of these looks nice and seems like a great idea, he’s disappointed in the execution.

And now, the good: His top picks include LinkedIn’s presentation app, SlideShare for iOS, the Android release of Google Play Books, which has a new “skim” feature, and  Citymapper, a free location app for Android and iOS. Each of these has limitations. Citymapper, for example, only works in a select few cities. But overall, he found these apps useful.

For more detail, read the full article here on CIO.


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